Peter J Cant

Peter and Paddy Cant in front of Winter trees

Husband, Father, Friend and Colleague.

Peter J Cant, Consultant Surgeon, gentleman and scholar.

His final post was at Derriford Hospital, with a history of service on 4 continents. He contributed to academic medicine via numerous publications. He was a teacher and mentor to many medical professionals.

Husband to Paddy Cant and dedicated father to Edward, Gillian and Jacqueline. He was an endless source of knowledge with plenty of patience if you were prepared to listen.

Honest, principled and fair, he could be counted on to fight for those who could not.

He loved to run, both as a sport and as an opportunity to relax and think. His 100th marathon came in 2016. He also completed ten Comrades ultra-marathons, many with his father.

He will be sorely missed by his family and friends and all those who were privileged to have known him, including the many that he helped with his exceptional skills.




Edward Cant.

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