Our Mission is to promote health, by the provision of specialised services.

We will achieve this in association with other Healthcare services, particularly the Centres of Clinical Excellence; The Credo of which runs:

  • Purpose

    Our purpose is to build a great company dedicated to our patients

  • Parameters

    We exclusively focus our efforts on:

    • What we are passionate about
    • What we can become the best at
    • And what principally drives our economic sustainability

  • Principles

    Our actions are measured by success in meeting all of our three core principles:

    • We are above all the agent of our patients.

      We aim to exceed their expectations every time so that we earn their trust and loyalty. We strive to continuously improve the quality and the value of the care we give our patients.

    • We empower our people to do their best.

      Our people are our greatest asset; we should select them attentively and invest in them passionately. As everyone matters, then everyone who contributes should be a partner in all that we do. In return we expect them to give our patients all that they can.

    • We are unrelenting in the pursuit of excellence.

      We embrace innovation and learn from our mistakes. We measure everything that matters, and share it with all to judge. Pursuing our ambition to be the best healthcare provider is a never ending process; good enough never is.