General Surgery

Surgery, one of the historical cornerstones of medical practice, is divided into multiple disciplines.

General surgery, as named, now mainly includes those areas not divided off. Thus most surgeons qualify in the principles or ‘general’ practice of surgery before specialising further, but remain competent in the non-aligned arenas such as general skin and soft tissue surgery, the management of infection and trauma, as well as surgical education and research.

Qualification is accredited via Surgical Colleges around the world, and registered and quality assured via these colleges and the statutory councils and commissions of the specific states and countries.

In England, surgeons who are fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons of England are historically entitled ‘Mr’, following decree of Henry VIII, an anachronism adopted around the world by many Colleges whose constitutions and practices are based on this College.

Registration is now subject to Accreditation as are all Health Care Professionals.