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Early Discharge (continued)

This is Exudrain

Exudrain is a completely closed wound drainage system consisting of a catheter, suction bulb with inlet and outlet tubing and a bag. There is a clamp on the inlet tubing of the bulb that is used when emptying and reactivating the system. There is a second clamp on the outlet tubing of the bulb which is used when the bag is removed or changed. There are also three non-return valves - one in the bag and two in the bulb - to ensure that fluids can only go in one direction: away from the wound.

The bag is connected to the bulb with a tight screw connector, and both outlet tubing and the bag have caps attached for sealing off the outlet when Exudrain is used without the bag.

How to use Exudrain

One pre-equisite for early discharge with the wound drain still in place is that the drain is not only clinically safe but is also easy to use.

  • Emptying
    • Close the inlet clamp (above the bulb)
    • Check the outlet clamp is opened
    • Squeeze the bulb slowly with one hand, so that the fluid is transferred into the bag. The valves in the bulb outlet and bag prevent the fluid going back into the bulb so it is safe to release the bulb and squeeze again if this is easier
  • Restart drainage: by
    • Release the bulb
    • Open the inlet clamp
  • Changing bags
  • If the bag is heavy or full or 24 hrs before returning for an Outpatient appointment, change the bag.

    • Close the outlet clamp
    • Unscrew the bag and seal it with the cap
    • Attach a new bag by screwing it tightly to the connector

Disposal of bags

Seal the bag with the cap and place it in a suitable container. The bag can be brought back to the hospital for disposal.

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