Surgically, I have always obtained very good results; I am not in the business of making mistakes. This is because I believe that treatment, (consultation, investigation, surgery and convalescence) is two sided. It is the product of my personal commitment to your best interests and your concordance with these objectives. Whether we like it or not, results are commensurate with this cooperation.

Your and my efforts are a good start, but we need the support of a dedicated and skilled Medical team together with access to the medical industries and infrastructure. My Associates are instrumental in the harvesting and application of such a network of services and I recommend and stand by the members and groups you may encounter.

Unfortunately there is no absolute guarantee; to appreciate the relativity of surgical risk taking we will attempt to guide you through the finer detail pertaining to your problem. The amount of information needed is individualised and personalised and this takes time.

Modern surgery is very expensive. Without financial support it is not available except in a primitive form. Fortunately in this country we have sophisticated services available universally, both as the NHS and in several parallel forms. The differences are mainly at a personal level, it is the experience which differentiates.